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Our videography service is essential to the local people here in Austin, Texas. We create videos for some of the city’s brightest bands and brands. A few of our strengths include documentaries, music videos, and promo videos.

Business-minded people appreciate our “Global Sisterhood” video, with half-a-million Facebook views in only two months. Country music fans applaud our music videos for the Honky Tonk rising star, Amanda Cevallos. And families enjoy our groundbreaking documentary feature film, Wild Family.

Our Four-Step Video Production Process

We guarantee quality from strategy to distribution, for your satisfaction.

1. Video Production Planning

Our project management process begins with strategic planning, where we consider the options and identify the big idea. Next, we develop our approach and handle the logistics, keeping in mind your budget and timeline.

2. Videography

We record cinematic HD video footage, preserving clarity and conveying professionalism. We strive to capture stories with emotional appeal, and support the storyline with intention, variety, and high quality.

3. Video Editing

Our post-production services are designed to create favorable impressions and deliver real value to your business. We compile clips into meaningful sequences, with an appropriate blend of originality and logical order. Custom titles, motion graphics, and music elements add to the artistry.

4. Video Marketing

Depending on your goals, we provide additional marketing tools to present your videos. We develop videos for online discovery, offering keyword optimization, closed captioning, and other specialty services. We customize videos for publishing on websites, social media sites, YouTube, and the big screen.



Professional Video Production Services

Compelling storytelling is the secret to success in marketing videos.

Event Coverage Videos

Allow for more people to experience your public appearances by documenting your trade shows, presentations, and special events. Your audience is more likely to ask questions, make purchases, or visit your location after seeing you and your business in action. In this example, we worked with the world-famous Austin radio station, 93.3 KGSR, recording dual-camera coverage of their SXSW Live Broadcast. Their SXSW music showcase featured on-air live performances by Austin artists Bob Schneider, White Denim, and Los Coast. Global chart-toppers included: The Avett Brothers, BØRNS, X Ambassadors, Chvrches, Jake Bugg, Hayes Carll, The Strumbellas, Jack Garratt

Business Profile Videos

A Google search for “video marketing statistics” reveals how videos boost visibility for your business. Google search rankings now value “quality content” over keywords, and so business profile videos are increasingly popular on websites. Videos like these keep your audience on your website longer—a key indicator of quality. They also allow businesses to build relationships with potential customers by introducing the people behind the business. In this example, Sarah Evans gives a personal introduction to her nonprofit organization headquartered in Austin, Texas. She is the founder and executive director of Well Aware, working to create clean water systems in Africa.

Advertising & Promo Videos

Showcase your company’s products and services with a memorable video—the most effective way of engaging with customers. Today’s best marketing videos create great first impressions and real connections. You can bring your audience behind the scenes, spotlighting your true character and revealing the best qualities of your company. In this example, a team of co-workers speaks to the special quality of care they provide their guests at Garbo, a salon and spa in Austin, Texas. This promo video divided nicely into a series of short cuts, ideal for Facebook and other social media channels.

Educational Videos

E-learning and training videos extend the reach of teachers, and they bring simplicity to situations that are otherwise complex. Videos make training programs more efficient by packaging them in a sharable format, as opposed to repeating live instruction multiple times. Various types of educational videos include lectures by subject-matter experts, interviews with practitioners in the field, and demonstrations of new solutions. In this example, world-renowned parenting coach, Carrie Contey, Ph.D., introduces her e-learning program, called Evolve. Her Parenting Essentials course includes a collection of 24 engaging educational videos.

Testimonial & Fundraising Videos

Your videos can have a major impact on your growth. Consider the credibility boost of a satisfied customer of yours on camera, expressing their appreciation for your company, for all to see and share. Videography facilitates word-of-mouth communication, and this is the best form of advertising. In this example, Sarah Lessire shares the story behind her book, The Scent of Dreams. This fundraising video helped propel a successful Kickstarter Project, rich with testimonials from the book’s earliest readers. Today the book is successfully published on Amazon and other major markets.

Commercials & Music Videos

Through the power of emotional appeal, a video can inspire your audience and lift them off their feet. Marketers and musicians have invested in movie-making for over a hundred years, and the spread in popularity is increasing as more businesses rely on videos to share their stories. In this example, Amanda Cevallos stars in “Love Me Together,” a music video produced in support of her second album: Got Me Where You Want Me. The album’s producer, Edridge Goins, co-stars. Amanda Cevallos is a Honky Tonk star in the Austin live music scene (

Documentary Films

The camera’s ability to stir the emotions is perhaps best utilized in a documentary film. Here, dramatic storytelling and musical accompaniment meet with intriguing imagery to create what we call “cinematic truth.” It is believed that the camera can render reality more accurately than the human eye, thanks to the varied lenses, filters, time-lapse, slow motion, and video editing techniques. In this example, The Brothers Vinyl extends the Austin, Texas claim to fame as “Live Music Capital of the World.” The Brothers Vinyl band recorded a song a day in 2015—365 songs—and ARISE documented their historic feat in creative expression.

Family Videos

Share your family stories with generations of your loved ones. Wedding videos and family legacy films are classic keepsakes. Consider memorializing grandma in the kitchen, or capturing the kids on camera for birthdays, music recitals, soccer games… The possibilities are infinite. We work hand-in-hand with Wild Family, the family-focused media channel of Austin, Texas, bringing your family the special care and attention you deserve. In this example, young Masha Cox performs a strikingly beautiful song. She is a student in the outstanding Austin music school, We Love Music.

YouTube Channels

A professional YouTube channel gives you a public spotlight on YouTube as well as Google. YouTube channels can be customized for business to cater to your audience and showcase your brand, your service, and your videos. In this example, the Wild Family YouTube Channel presents an original video show to educate and entertain, helping new parents to grow together with their kids. Each month is a new 20-minute episode, with themes ranging from creative expression to outdoor education. This series follows in the footsteps of the groundbreaking documentary feature film, Wild Family, also produced by ARISE.

Video-Rich Websites

Wow your audience with high-impact videos on a high-performance website.

Video Showcase Websites

Today’s best websites feature prominent videos, loaded with compelling storytelling and HD imagery. Videos help with SEO too, loaded with keywords that help the message to stand out. In this example, the Wild Family producers display a library of original video entertainment, while highlighting an array of educational content, plus merchandise for sale. Bells and whistles on this website include: e-commerce online store, email marketing, video blog, 3D video motion graphics, interactive call-to-action buttons, cutting-edge video campaigns, and photos galore.

Music Marketing Websites

In a music city like Austin, where everyone’s a musician, a professional website is a key indicator that a band takes itself seriously. At the moment, one pop music group making major moves here in Austin is The Mrs. The website for The Mrs is new as of November 2016, just in time for the band’s first full-length album. This website is a great example of a media-rich website. It includes an interactive photo gallery and a variety of videos including: music videos, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and cause-related viral videos. Their Magic Mirror viral video currently has over 5 million views on YouTube!

E-Commerce Websites

Sell your products across the country and beyond the borders, with an online store. ARISE websites make e-commerce marketing simple for you, with an easy-to-edit WordPress website backed by Woocommerce. In this example, Kuhdoo Soap Co showcases the online store for Austin’s favorite local soap company. This Austin small business is making a big impression on the local economy, through custom hand-made soaps sold online, in farmer’s markets, and in stores throughout Texas.

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